Montag, 31. März 2014

What is the Fruit Finder App all about?

Many people ask us what this should be all about. How can I use an app to find fruits? Will I violate other peoples property? Will all plants be radicaly foraged and get harmed?

With the app Fruit Finder we want to give foragers a tool to explore far more sites where free fruits and herbs grow than before. Fruit Finder is an app, that shows you about 40.000 sites where all kinds of trees, bushes, herbs and nuts grow. The trees offered are all on public ground and free to be used by everyone.

The Fruit Finder project is just like the Mushroom Finder project depending on the crowd work force. The more people contribute their sites to the cloud, the more people can have their benefits from it. To ease up crowd contribution we added an in app feature that enables you to add a fruit site once you are right on it.

With the uploaded data we will check if the site is on public ground and does really offer fruits. After approval the site will be shown in the app to everyone. 

Concerning the big ammount of sites that are allready in the cloud and the relativly exclusive number of users, there is currently no reason to fear that your fruit sites could get over harvested. 

Please make sure, that the site you visit is really on public ground and you don´t violate laws when foraging. We will ad a report system in a future version soon.

How does the app actually work?

To explain that is most easiest with showing you some pictures.

After starting the Fruit Finder App for the first time, it will download 5.000 fruit sites directly from the cloud. 

When this is finnished you will find yourselve on the main screen what will look like this: 

When you zoom in, you see there are many clusters with big amounts of fruit sites (like here in NY). 

And this is what the trees look like, when you zoom in. The streets are full of free fruits!

This is what it will look like, when you opened a site. On the top right corner you have a social share function.

Want to share a site? Go ahead and chose one of this share functions. Your friends will want to know, what trees you visited. 

After sharing your site, you might want to see even more sites on your map. Remember, you only have 5.000 so far. So look at the top right corner and see a download or refresh icon. Hit this to download many more sites to your local cache. Due to the amount of data, make sure you have a wifi connection.

Now take a look at the bottom of the screen. Use this button to add a new fruit site to the cloud.

Please only add sites, when you are right at the certain spot. Else the data will not be reliable enough. Chose the info which you want to add.

Once your site was added, you can chose to publish your brand new site on social networks also.

That was it for today. We hope, you enjoyed this short post.

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- Mushroom Finder

Team Fruit Finder.

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