Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Fruit Finder *PRO* got published to the Google Play Store

Hello Foragers!

Our brand new foraging app Fruit Finder *PRO* just got published to the Google Play Store!

Why should you download it? 

- get access to our complete database with more then 440.000 (!) fruit sites worldwide
- share your favorite sites on Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp and more...
- no advertisement
- rate sites
- send delete notifications
- only 0,99 $
- chose your regions from where you want to download sites


                        - Welcome to the app. I download 10.000 sites on first                      start. So please make sure, you have a good internet                                  connection.

- You will figure out that there will be a popup telling you to check for
  more of the 440.000+ sites once you zoom in and out

                                 - currently we have:
                                   US: - 400.000+ sites
                                    UK: - 10.000+ sites
                                    RFA: - 5.000+ sites
                                    Germany: -100+ sites
                                    AU: - 5.000+ sites
                                    Others: - 20.000+ sites

                                                     More to come every day!

- Like in the free version get further infos on every site.

                                - Add your own sites to the crowds database!

- And share your found sites on Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp and
many others

Play Store Link: Fruit Finder *PRO*

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